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Theory Time: Nimaiya Ouetsu

So last week’s chapter revealed him as the “man who gave birth to the zanpakuto.” A very interesting claim. Do they mean he creating a single weapon, or did he develop the method in which they appear. At this point it would be really strange to me if the latter was true, but then again (correct me if I’m wrong) we’ve never really seen anyone normally obtain their zanpakuto in the canon manga other than Ichigo. Maybe there is a special way in order to make it appear. But my money is on the first one, for a few reasons. The Zero Division members each made something that had benefited Soul Society and caught the eye of the King of Souls. Add to that the name of his residence being known as the Phoenix Palace, I think we’re looking at the guy who created the Sokyoku. For those who don’t remember, that is the giant Zanpakuto that was meant to execute Rukia Kuchiki. It makes a lot of sense to me, but then again I could be wrong. What do you think?

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Hello followers, I really want to apologize for my lengthy absence, truth be told I’ve been feeling pretty lazy lately and playing League of Legends all day lol. But anyways, I will no longer be doing reviews on this site anymore. There is a slight possibility however that I will start doing audio or video reviews. As far as the fate of this blog is concerned, I will continue editing manga panels as well as reblogging various bleach posts. Sorry for those who looked forward to my reviews, I will notify you ASAP if I pursue other media.

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Review: Chapter 516 - The Squad Zero

So this chapter was interesting, random, and epic in different moments. First off, Mayuri explains to Ichigo how a broken bankai can never be repaired to the state it was before. I really like that Kubo gave two examples and an exception to the rule. I don’t know what will happen to Tensa Zangetsu, I’m thinking it’s about time for Ichigo to visit his inner world and see what’s going on in there. The next part made me drop by jaw in confusion followed by laughter, Kon is back… with muscles! It was indeed a random encounter, but it added a nice touch of comic relief. It seems that Squad 12 have been doing some experiments with him since we last saw him, not that it particularly matters. This reunion is ended quickly as Mayuri unenthusiastically notifies Ichigo that Squad Zero is coming. I wonder why Mayuri and Shinji don’t seem to be happy with their impending arrival, maybe there are some personal relationships that we don’t know about yet, but I could be completely wrong. Kyoraku gives Ichigo a crash course on the Zero Squad, and I really like how Kubo used the walls that surround the Seireitei in emergencies are meant to protect the palace of the Spirit King. They arrive in a strange column, and we find out there are only five members who’s power exceeds that of the entire Gotei 13 combined. I personally really like how they appear, it’s very different for Bleach, and I’m really excited to explore their personalities and witness their powers. This chapter was pretty good despite the fact not a lot happened.

I give this chapter a 9/10.

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Review: Chapter 515 - Relics

Although I really enjoyed this chapter, there was one major revelation that I did not particularly like, and I’m sure most of you will agree with me. Byakuya has managed to survive. I mean, the guy got destroyed… really bad might I add. His death in my opinion would of made the feel of the entire war much more serious and would add more emotional value to some of the characters. But, at least Kubo made it to where he’ll be unable to retain his duties as a captain. As for Kenpachi surviving, I’m glad that is the case. We didn’t get to see his fight with Royd, and there is so much more I think we can get out of his character. So now all of the captains are mourning over the Head Captain’s death, and Soi Fon proves to us once again that she’s a little bitch. That exchange between her and Kensei stood out to me, I felt that was a real low blow calling him out saying that he’s probably happy that Yama died. We found out why Unohana didn’t join the fight, and that being the head captain’s final order was to have them sit out of the battle and tend to the victims of the aftermath. Both her and Isane wanted to join the fight, but ultimately were not allowed to. Ichigo’s hiding what he discussed with Juha Bach, but Rukia notices that something’s wrong with him. I’m expecting to find out soon who it was back at Hueco Mundo with Urahara, and my money now is on Isshin, because I think it would work great when they meet back up with Ichigo we will get some more revelations pertaining to his heritage. Grimmjow is still a possibility, but I just don’t see him coming out to help Urahara, and being able to kill Quilge so easily. My favorite part of the chapter was Shunsui Kyoraku assuming the role of Head Captain, he doesn’t flat out say he is, but his serious behavior dictates he is ready to step up. I really think at this point he is the best choice, other than Unohana who I think will need to remain the head of Squad 4. Overall a solid post-battle chapter, looking forward to finding out what’s going to happen next.

I give this chapter an 8/10.

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Review: Chapter 514 - Born in the Dark

I’d like to address two things before I post this review. Firstly I would like to apologize for not posting this sooner, I wanted to wait for the Mangastream translation to be released. Secondly, I am going to try out a new simplified review format this week, in which I don’t give a summary of the chapter, but instead I will only share my thoughts on the plot and art as usual, as well as giving my speculation and a rating. Enjoy!

Alright, so a couple of things in this chapter. First of all, we learn that Ichigo has awakened his Quincy powers as he tried to escape Kirge’s jail by releasing massive reiatsu of his own and of his surroundings. Juha Bach remarked that he awakened the memories of his reiatsu from the root, and that only Quincy’s can ultimately escape the jail. He also brings up Masaki (Ichigo’s mother) and how Ichigo doesn’t know a thing about her or himself. So I think it’s pretty darn obvious that Masaki was indeed a Quincy, as a lot of Bleach fans have predicted. I’m pretty excited to learn that we will be finding out more about Masaki’s life and the truth about her death. The next thing to happen is the Vandenreich being forced to retreat as the Schatten Bereich (Shadow Territory) is at it’s limit. Juha Bach realizes that Aizen messed with his perception a little during their conversation enough so where he lost track of the limit of the Schatten Bereich. As they begin to leave, Ichigo charges at Haschwald, who swiftly retaliates by breaking Tensa Zangetsu in half. Ichigo stands in shock and awe, as Juha Bach parts with these words: “Goodbye Ichigo Kurosaki, my son… born in the darkness.”I really don’t think he literally meant son, just figuratively as the father of all Quincy’s, which we just found out Ichigo is one of them. He may still be related however, if anything I’m thinking he could possibly be Masaki’s father or ancestor. Part of the reason Ichigo is so special in the first place is because of his Shinigami heritage. I’m guessing next chapter will be an overview of the chaos that had just struck Soul Society, and perhaps finally we’ll find out what happened with the others who were left behind in Hueco Mundo. Where Kubo will go from here, who knows.

I give this chapter an 8.5/10.

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Review: Chapter 513 - The Dark Moon Stroke

Byakuya takes his final breaths and comments on how Ichigo never replied to him, but that that’s just the kind of guy he is. He withers away with his sword as he utters his final words, “I’m counting on you, Kurosaki Ichigo.” Ichigo stands in front of Bach and Haschwald, and as the latter tries to move forward, the emperor stops him with his hand. Juha Bach applauds Ichigo for managing to escape Kirge’s jail, but then asks him if he plans to fight in his current state. Ichigo replies by asking Bach if he is the enemy’s leader, to which he answers with yes and no. Ichigo then gets really angry, and reiterates if he is the one who left Soul Society in such a mess. His anger from confirming the truth leads him to begin powering up for an attack, and Bach tells Haschwald it’s time to crush him. Ichigo fires off a Getsuga Tensho, but Bach’s hand goes right through it as he grabs him, and proceeds to throw him to the ground where he has his throat cut by Bach’s sword. The Emperor then tells Haschwald that he’s still breathing, and that they should take him back to the castle where he will be resuscitated and join the ranks of the Vandenreich. Ichigo then quickly regains consciousness, and Juha Bach is shocked. He looks closer at Ichigo’s neck only to realize that he is using Blut Vene.

RIP Byakuya Kuchiki, Captain of Squad Six of the Gotei 13.

It’s safe to say it’s official, Byakuya is down for the count. It is truly sad to see one of my favorite captains go, but I believe this will be part of the fuel that will drive Rukia and Renji to succeed in future fights. Now I’m going to jump straight into Ichigo using Blut Vene. It’s pretty obvious at this point that Ichigo has some Quincy heritage, thought I still could be wrong. I’m really happy with the idea of him being part Quincy, but I just thought this was not the best way to reveal it. However, I trust Kubo knows what he’s doing and will eventually make me agree with his decision. I just feel that it’s kind of weird that suddenly out of the blue he’s using Blut Vene, unless he’s been using it in the past somehow but we just didn’t know it. So as far as the source of this newly discovered power, I’m still putting my money on Masaki being a Quincy. I think it just makes the most sense when you consider Isshin being acquainted with Ryuuken. We’ll just have to wait for the next few chapters to see where Kubo is going with this.

This chapter read way too quick. We did get some major information, but it still felt a bit rushed. Again, the art is making up for the pacing with this chapter, but it feels underwhelming after the past couple of chapters were so well constructed.

I give this chapter a 7/10.

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